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New Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. PRO Facebook Page Display module is more preferable over other like boxes due to its various unique features starting with its ability to configure and display the profile photos of people who like your page.

    PRO Facebook Page Display gives you the option to configure one of the major elements in modules, height and width. You can change the width and height of the module to suit your blogs settings.

    Pros of having Pro Facebook Page Display Widget

    • Easy to use
    • Simple Configurable Options
    • No API Needed
    • Full detailed documentation

    PRO Facebook Page Display to display Facebook Likebox on your joomla website.

    RO Facebook Page Display module is widely available in most online sites dealing with joomla modules and all you have to do is download it and install for it to give you the discussed advantages. This is one great way to keep your customers informed since they will receive any information put across the website right at their Facebook profiles. It will also help you increase the number of customers to your company or readers to your website since managing the pages and blog will be synchronized and easy to run.

  2. JMG OpenStreetMap DSGVO brings help to embed OpenStreetMap without breaking GDPR rules. This plugin for Joomla! adds opt-in functionality to existing OpenStreetMap components and iframes. The plugin detects OpenStreetMap code on your website, informs users about privacy and asks for the user's consent.

  3. Mx maps module has the option to show one or multiple locations, with info of your choice in maps. The advantage of this module from other maps extensions, is that does not need any API key for the maps to show correctly. The module can display many maps in the same page and many locations in the same map. It comes with nine different styles to give you the option to chose the one you like for your website. The free version is limited and not all features are available.

  4. IWS.BY Widget VK community chat - a module that adds a chat widget to the site with a community from the social network Vkontakte.

    Key features:
    - No programming skills required.
    - Chat is easy to connect, you only need to enter the community ID from the social network Vkontakte.
    - You can select the display side of the chat widget relative to the user's screen - right or left.
    - Сhat does not load the system, since the server part is processed on the servers of the social network Vkontakte.

  5. Short Video Gallery by Firework helps you turn your text-based Joomla site into a media-rich content avenue with the integration of a lightweight and aesthetically beautiful feed of relevant short videos, enhancing your SEO in 4 ways:

    Greater website stickiness, up to 32%;
    Longer time spent on your site;
    Free high-quality video feed with zero production cost;
    Higher engagement on your blog and hence, better search rankings.
    Create your own mobile-friendly short video gallery feeds for free with over 1 million+ premium videos from Firework – the fastest-growing video social media network in the world.

    Short Video Gallery by Firework is the first Joomla plugin to provide both rich social media content and innovative layouts. With a lightweight lazy-load design, this plugin loads videos on a third-party server to ensure your website loads fast as usual.

    What is Firework?

    Firework is the fastest-growing short-video platform with 30-second video content from premium partners and verified creators across categories like travel, lifestyle, food, pets, wellness and others.

    What makes us better?

    High-engagement Contextual Content

    Bite-sized video is the future of content marketing. Get absolutely free short video content to enhance your website with a simple drag and drop gallery. Our rich short video content library with 20+ categories includes:

    Style & Fashion
    Fitness & Exercise
    Food & Drink
    & much more!
    No Compromise on Page Speed

    Firework Play’s videos load from a high bandwidth, third party server imposing no limitation on your page speed.

    Make Your Website Mobile-ready

    Convert your website into a mobile-first short video social media for free. Out tap & swipe-through video story feed layouts that are perfect for the mobile web. Swipeable stories immerse your audience with fast-loading, full-screen viewing experience.

    **Multiple video thumbnail embeds with autoplay.****

    Three different gallery layouts tailored for homepage, after-content and sidebars. Draw the eyeballs of your audiences with autoplay, video thumbnail, and sleek design.

    Why you should embed Short Video Gallery

    It increases your website session time by up to 3 times*
    Engage a younger audience to your website with trending short videos
    Triple your organic traffic* and improve SEO with the power of short videos content
    *Data collected from Beta users of Social Video Gallery by Firework.

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